Paid RPR and Rule 1.2 Representative

Total Care Services have been identified as being best placed to undertake the role of paid RPR and Rule 1.2 Representative, where family members or friends are not willing or able to do this. Total Care services, in undertaking this role, will follow the guidance stipulated in case law. At the current time this is RE: VE – Rule 1.2 Representatives and RD case law.

We can currently offer Paid Relevant Persons Representatives and Rule 1.2 Representatives to people within a defined geographical area of reach, under a fixed spot purchasing agreement rate.

The team at Total Care Services has extensive experience in the Court of Protection arena. Our Relevant Person’s Representatives and Rule 1.2 Representatives have received specialist training to enable them to undertake this role and possess a wealth of experience in providing advocacy and representation. We are already actively working as paid RPRs and Rule 1.2 Representative for a number of individuals across the South East of England.

The Rule 1.2 Representative is to:

The Role of the Relevant Person’s Representative is to: