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Improving Health in Our Communities.

Recruiting Healthcare Assistants from Total Care Services is an easy process...

Healthcare Assistants form an integral part of any residential home, nursing home or hospital, helping to alleviate pressure whilst working under the direction of senior assistants, qualified healthcare professionals and registered nurses.

At Total Care Services, over the years we have understood that the daily care of clients is rarely a 'one size fits all' process, that is why we carefully select the best Healthcare Assistants for your requirements, ensuring the highest quality of service on every occasion.


Our Services

Our Carers are excellent in providing the following:

Personal Care Assistance Image
Personal Care Assistance
(Washing, Toileting, Dressing and Grooming)
Supported Accomodation Image
Supported Accomodation
Light Housekeeping Image
Light Housekeeping
Medication Management Image
Medication Management
Peg Feeding Image
Peg Feeding
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At Total Care Services we provide our carers with:

  • Full induction, training and shadowing shifts
  • Free uniforms
  • Regular supervision and on-going support
  • Opportunities to progress in a career ladder
  • Good rates of pay
  • Paid Holidays


With a reputation for providing an exceptionally fast, high quality service to our customers, the agency is managed and run by a highly skilled and experienced staff dedicated to making a difference in the community.

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Total Care Services

Total Care Services specialises in the supply of Nurses, Carer and Support staff to Hospitals, Hospices, Care homes and supported accommodation. We are committed in our pursuit of excellence to provide Health Care Workers with outstanding skills and knowledge to manage range of care and health needs.

We offer an on call service which enables us to be contactable 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


What They Say


J. Robertson says:

We choose Total Care Services as they always provide a professional service. They respond quickly to urgent requests and will be honest if they are not able to meet our requirements from time to time. The staff they provide have received appropriate training and have a good understanding of the role we need them to fill.